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Fastracs, Inc. Equipment...
4 ton- Kubota KX121-3 3 available
13 ton CAT 311CU, Kobelco 115SR
20 ton CAT 320CL 2 available
25 ton Kobelco SK250
Hydraulic thumb capable on all classes Hydraulic hammers 500 lb, 2500 lb, 4000 lb Vibratory plate tampers / sheet pile driver BF90 Eco-Crusher Adjustable Jaw Crusher

80 hp CAT D4C Hystat
140 hp CAT D6N XL
300 hp CAT D8K
300 hp CAT D8N w/ ripper

CAT 430D IT 4x4 Toolcarrier w/ E-Stick CAT 426C 4x4 w/ E-Stick
Ford 755 w/ 4 in 1 bucket

Off-Road Dumps
6x6 drive, articulating body
Moxy MT30 30 ton capacity
Moxy MT31 31 ton capacity

Multi-Terrain Loaders
CAT 277 and 277B
2/3 cy bucket capacity
3.1 psi ground pressure
Rock rake
Grapple bucket
72 rotary brush mower
6-way dozer blade
52 rototiller
Auger mixing bucket
84 Power broom
72 aerovator

Road Grader
CAT 12

CAT 627 twin engine
CAT 631 and 619

Ingersoll-Rand DD-28 49 drums, 6,750 lb static, 8,000 lb dynamic
Wacker RT-82 30 padfoot drums, 3,250 lb static, 7,700 lb dynamic
vibratory plate tampers
jumping jack tampers

80 kW, diesel, trailer mount, noise suppressed
50 kW, diesel, trailer mount, noise suppressed
6600 W, diesel, noise suppressed
10 kW, gas, trailer mount
3500 to 8000 W, gas, portable

10 electric submersible, 480V, 3ph
6 electric submersible, 240V, 3ph 2 avail.
4 electric submersible, 240v, 3ph 2 avail.
4 electric submersible 240v, 1ph
3 electric submersible 240v, 1ph
2 electric submersible, 120v 5 available 4 diesel trash pump
2 and 3 gas trash pumps

On-Road Trucks
55 ton loboy 24 deck
10 wheel dump
6 wheel dump w/ 20 ton trailer
Utility service van
Telescoping pipe/pole trailer, 30-40

Soil Stabilization
Hydroseeder 600 gallon, trailer mount
Bale chopper, skid mount

3 hammerhead mole
4 hammerhead mole w/ 5-1/4 expander Service line splitter 1-1/4 capacity

HDPE Fusion
McElroy #2CU CTS thru 2 IPS
McElroy #28 2 thru 8

Pipe and Conduit
Pipe threading up to 6
Pipe bender rigid steel up to 4
Pipe bender PVC up to 6

Sawing and Drilling
Stow Slicer 20 self-propelled road saw
14 and 12 gas powered chop saws
chain saws
dry core drills 2 thru 5
wet core drills 3 thru 12

Ingersoll-Rand AirSource Plus 185 cfm
15# chipping hammers
60# pavement breaker
40# rotary drill

200,000 BTU hydronic heater, trailer mounted 60,000 BTU torpedo heaters 4 available

Utility Locating
McLaughlin Verifier
ML-1M magnetic locator

Survey and Grade Control
Trimble 5605 robotic total station
Nikon DTM-520 total station
Ranger data collector w/ Survey Pro software Trimble GL720 dual slope laser, auto leveling Trimble GL710 single slope laser, auto leveling Trimble LL500G single slope laser 2 available Spectra EL-1 single slope laser
Trimble DG711 pipe laser
Spectra Laserplane machine indicator
Trimble LR21 machine indicator
Apache Bullseye 3 machine indicator
Apache Bullseye 6 machine indicator
Trimble CR600 machine indicator 2 available

Miller Bobcat 225, gas engine
Miller Bobcat 250, gas engine w/ Suitcase 12RC wire feeder

8 x 20 containers 6 available


Tools of
the Trade

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